The Game of Thrones Event


The Game of Thrones 

The success of the HBO series “Game Thrones” has once again put Iceland on the map. Iceland’s landscape, unspoiled nature and scenery plays a large role in throughout the whole series.

Boutique DMC Iceland was given the big task, taking part in creating a night of memorable event for a GOT fan.  The venue chosen was the Reykjavík Art Museum.

160 Guests walked behind the Ice wall, were welcomed by Daenerys like hostesses, jugglers and acrobats. They were able to enjoy specially made cocktails from a real ice bar in order to hit up in this blue Ice environment.

A photo-booth where a replica of the Iron Throne was at stake really pleased the crowd.  Guests could dress up as John Snow and friends and even try out the coveted Crown. All this under surveillance by the Mountain of course…

Past the ice wall, guests were invited to dine as if all tribes from the 7 Kingdoms would enjoy a moment of peace around an opulent medieval banquet, enhanced with silver chandelier, copper tableware and flower composition running down the long tables.  As negotiations during a four courses dinner prepared by one of the most eminent chef in Iceland went well,all characters danced through the night entertained by a very lively band of 9 musicians and dancers.








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