Boutique DMC Events team understands the importance of delivering the wow factor with all our events. Knowing and understanding our client’s needs for each event, and then exceeding expectation, is a way of life for us. With safety and professionalism at the forefront of each event, we strive to always take it a step further so our customers leave our beautiful island already dreaming of coming back for their next event.



Boutique DMC Events prides itself on its creativity and innovation to offer unique Event programs to clients with any manner of themes. We are delighted to work with each client to understand their specific aims and requirements for each individual Event to see if we can innovate a specific theme for their program. For each Event we can build themes around any manner of cultural, culinary, historic, scientific or activity area as well as linking to a particular industry or other required niche






Boutique DMC Events can offer a wide range of activities across Iceland for any Events that include some team building "downtime" in their program. Activities can be arranged ranging from deeply cultural experiences to unique adventures. There are few places in the world that can offer Event programs so many unique activities in one place. Event program participants can hike within a glacier, take a dog sledge ride, relax in natural thermal baths, drive your own snowmobile or ATV / buggy, go whale watching, fly in a helicopter over dramatic scenery and go horse riding on famous Icelandic horses.

Geothermal Power Plant in Iceland


Visit Hellisheidarvirkjun which is located on Hengill volcano in the South of Iceland & is the second largest geothermal power station in the world & was created to provide electricity to the city of Reykjavik.

VIP Luxury Helicopter Tours with Boutique DMC Iceland


Helicopter tours are a luxurious way to explore the stunning & dramatic scenery of Iceland. Experience ariel views of glaciers, jagged coastlines with black sand & unique formations, a geothermal Geysir, volcanoes,  lava & waterfalls.  

Anyone can master snowmobiling with Boutique DMC Iceland


Snowmobiling is a unique, all year around, activity that anyone can enjoy. Explore Iceland’s glaciers and snow-clad landscapes on this challenging yet fun and exhilarating vehicle.

Self drive a 4x4 in Iceland with Boutique DMC


Explore the rugged, off-road scenery of Iceland with a “self drive”, driving your own quality 4×4. Whether it is summer or winter guests can explore moonscape or snow clad valleys and mountains driving their own vehicle.


Boutique DMC Events offers a wide variety of Venues across all locations to provide Events clients with the perfect match to their aims and requirements. Depending on what your Events budget and style is we can offer luxurious facilities to rustic chic, city excitement to rural scenic splendor. Environmentally conscious and local touches are always a top focus. We have a great selection of locations perfect for Events of any kind and can hand pick the perfect combination of locations for any program.

Grand Hotel Reykjavik used by Boutique DMC Incentives Iceland

Grand Hotel Reykjavik

Grand Hotel Reykjavík rests in quiet surroundings & is especially well equipped for meetings & conferences with 15 different spaces. It has 311 rooms many of which offer wonderful views out over the city and bay.


Marina Hotel

Marina Hotel is situated in a historic harbourside building. A modern, chic and colorful hotel in one of Reykjaviks most trendy & arty areas close to world-class restaurants, cutting edge galleries, funky cafés, & quirky shops.


Hotel Ion

ION Adventure Hotel is a modern, stylish boutique hotel located in stunning scenery of mountains and lava fields. It is an award winning, chic design hotel with a strong focus on sustainability and a unique history and story.

Bokk Hotel Borg Reykjavik with Boutique DMC

Hotel Borg

Hotel Borg by Kea Hotels is a distinguished, Art Deco style hotel located in a picturesque square, in the center of Reykjavik offering fine service & easy access to the best that Reykjavik has to offer.


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