Iceland is a destination full of unique experiences, destinations, accommodations and activities. It is a country of glaciers, volcanoes, ice caves, thermal pools, lava fields and rugged, wild open spaces. It offers opportunities of cultural immersion with its strong local traditions of culinary specialties and crafts. It lets visitors experience challenging land and sea adventures and activities from unique super jeeps to explore it’s off the beaten track wilderness, snowmobiles to journey across vast glaciers and sailboats to get up close to majestic animals such as whales and dolphins.

Iceland offers the best all year around destination for incentives, special leisure groups, meetings and events. It offers you and your clients something unique and different

Winter in Iceland offers stunning white landscapes and an opportunity to see the famous and awe inspiring “Northern Lights” as well as a wide array of exhilarating snow & ice adventures such as snowmobiling, glacier hiking, snow buggies. Summer in Iceland offers the unique experience of long summer days, wilderness hiking, 4×4 off-road adventures into the highlands and horse riding.

Iceland offers a wonderful range and diversity of accommodation from luxury Eco-Hotels to Chich City boutique hotels to rustic adventure Huts out in the wilderness. In Iceland, what ever the theme, style and budget of your trip, Boutique DMC knows each accommodation intimately from hotels to resorts to remote lodges and can work with you to pick the perfect mix. We know hotel owners and managers well so that any experience, event or service necessity can be worked out seamlessly and delivered to perfection.

We pride ourselves on creating programs as unique
and unforgettable as the country of Iceland itself.



Boutique DMC can design specific itineraries for groups looking for an educational focus to their trip such as learning more about Iceland’s rich history.

Boutique DMC for yoru highlights to Iceland


Iceland has so many iconic sights to design a “Highlights” group trip around such as, the Blue Lagoon hot springs, Gullfoss waterfall & the “Golden Circle”, several glaciers, black sand beaches & much more!

Northern Lights on Snowmobile


Boutique DMC can offer a number of different trip designs to assist groups with the best access to see the Northern Lights or “‘Aurora borealis”. Selecting the best accommodations, locations, activities & timings.


Boutique DMC destinations have a lot to offer outside the main highlights for those people that want to explore a bit more, experience a bit more adventure and see something different. Stray off the beaten track with us!

Boutique DMC Iceland can help inspire creativity in your teams


When trying to find stimulation for creativity in your teams we often find getting people outside, into stunning parts of nature and doing unique activities together – or having time to contemplate alone – spark some amazing innovations.

Eco Warrier themed trips & meetings in Iceland with Boutique DMC


Iceland is a wonderful Eco location to concentrate on all things “Eco, Ethical & Green”. Iceland’s whole heating system is geothermal & most hotels & restaurants have a strong focus on local produce & protecting the environment.

City slicker meetings in Reykjavik desiged by Boutique DMC Iceland


For meetings where you want a city vibe with full facility, modern hotels & easy access to the best range of restaurants & nightlife as well as historical landmarks and shopping there is no better base camp than Reykjavik.

Reward Recognise your team with Boutique DMC Iceland


When the aim of your program is to say a huge “Thank You” work with us to design the perfect program offering lots of rewards and recognition through the choice of accommodations, activities and special touches along the way.

Winter Adventure Northern Lights with Boutique DMC Iceland


Winter themed programs offer an amazing array of snow and ice activities culminating in one of the world’s most incredible phenomena, “The Northern Lights”. Arctic adventures by day followed by gourmet cuisine and cosy retreats.

Challenge your Teams with a Boutique DMC Iceland Incentive


Want to put your groups through their paces? Challenges take many guises and we revel in designing programs that take visitors just enough out of their comfort zone to stretch them in a fun and entertaining way and create lasting memories.


Summer programs offer the unique “Midnight Sun” when its stays light up to 21 hours a day! Programs can also contain wonderful off the beaten track wilderness adventures and more remote accommodations and activities.


VIP meetings require a luxurious & unique touch – something where Boutique DMC excels. Iceland offers a variety of chic & luxurious hotels, some of the world’s best chefs & restaurants and an array of “Wow!” experiences.


Geothermal Power Plant in Iceland


Visit Hellisheidarvirkjun which is located on Hengill volcano in the South of Iceland & is the second largest geothermal power station in the world & was created to provide electricity to the city of Reykjavik.

VIP Luxury Helicopter Tours with Boutique DMC Iceland


Helicopter tours are a luxurious way to explore the stunning & dramatic scenery of Iceland. Experience ariel views of glaciers, jagged coastlines with black sand & unique formations, a geothermal Geysir, volcanoes,  lava & waterfalls.  

Hiking Groups Range Hotel


Boutique DMC can design hiking trips for groups in the summer or winter across much of Iceland’s stunning and vast scenery. Groups can hike over and even inside Glaciers as well as across summer valleys and rivers.

Whale Watching aranged by Boutique DMC Iceland


Whale watching is a fantastic half day trip from Reykjavik harbour which offers a great chance to see Minke whales as well as white-beaked dolphins, harbour porpoises and humpback whales in their natural environment.

Anyone can master snowmobiling with Boutique DMC Iceland


Snowmobiling is a unique, all year around, activity that anyone can enjoy. Explore Iceland’s glaciers and snow-clad landscapes on this challenging yet fun and exhilarating vehicle.


Quad bikes & ATVs offer guests a great adventure in summer or winter. Easy to use yet exhilarating & a challenge guests can explore off-road on moonscape-like landscapes & across snow clad valleys mountains & & mountains.

Geothermally heated Hot Springs in Iceland with Boutique DMC


Iceland offers a proliferation of geothermal Hot Springs from large commercial offerings like the “Blue Lagoon” to smaller. more private Hot Springs that local Icelanders frequent to rustic and remote Hot Springs in the middle of nature.    

Self drive a 4x4 in Iceland with Boutique DMC


Explore the rugged, off-road scenery of Iceland with a “self drive”, driving your own quality 4×4. Whether it is summer or winter guests can explore moonscape or snow clad valleys and mountains driving their own vehicle.

Northern Lights on Snowmobile


Boutique DMC can offer a number of different day trip designs to assist groups with the best access to see the Northern Lights or “‘Aurora borealis”. Selecting the best operators, locations, activities & timings.

Boutique DMC Iceland can help inspire creativity in your teams


Glacier hiking is an activity not many people can say they have done in their life-times. Guests can access stunning, remote Glacier locations across Iceland on foot and even explore deep within a Glacier at “Into the Glacier”.


Perfect group activity, fun & challenging. Raft down Hvítá river originating from Langjökull Glacier, the second largest in Europe. The activity start in the canyon formed by the river and the famous Gullfoss waterfall. This activity is accessible to most, and the river level is considered as Easy.


Exploring Iceland by horse offers visitors a unique and up close and personal contact with this wild and beautiful landscape. Horse riding can be offered in numerous locations around Iceland for half, full or multi-day experiences.



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